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GenieMD Breaks Down Language Barriers in Virtual Care with New Partner, Voyce, Providing Interpretation in 240+ Languages.

February 29, 2024

February 29, 2024 – GenieMD, Inc. (“GenieMD”), provider of an award-winning virtual care platform, and Voyce, a technology-driven company dedicated to breaking down language barriers in healthcare, have announced a new collaboration to provide more equitable and inclusive access to virtual care services.

“Voyce and GenieMD are in the business of improving patient outcomes through virtual care. Through our partnership, patients and providers on GenieMD will have access to Voyce’s qualified medical interpreters. When patients facing language barriers access virtual care with GenieMD, Voyce will be there to ensure their voice is heard and is communicated with the accuracy and sensitivity needed for quality medical care.” – Andrew Royce, CEO, Voyce.

In the United States alone, the limited English proficiency (LEP) population has grown significantly     (approximately 8% of the total population).  Language barriers in healthcare impedes equitable access to care, making it difficult for providers to provide high-quality medical care.  When patients and healthcare professionals do not speak the same language, it can lead to misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, and inadequate treatment. Beyond the impact this has on a patient and their care, it leaves healthcare organizations exposed to risk.

"Integrating a language interpreter into virtual care delivery through Voyce enables effective communication between care providers and patients. By breaking down language barriers, GenieMD will empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to fully engage in their care, ensuring that no one is left behind in accessing quality healthcare services." – Dr. Soheil Sadaat, Founder and CEO, GenieMD.

About GenieMD

GenieMD is an award-winning, global provider of virtual care solutions, inclusive of: Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), and Chronic Care Management (CCM) coupled with access to medical experts on a 24/7 basis. GenieMD offers customized, white-labeled virtual care solutions to hospitals, health systems, large group practices, commercial insurance carriers, schools, and self-insured employers. GenieMD clients are based throughout the United States and the world. Maximizing the power of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies, GenieMD is transforming healthcare by providing a seamless and continuous care model to patients when they need it the most.

GenieMD’s mission is to democratize healthcare globally and help all patients get better faster. For more information visit or contact


Voyce is a technology driven company deeply committed to helping people in need facing language barriers, enabling them to communicate and get help when they need it the most. Voyce’s professional and qualified language interpreters provide medical interpretation across a variety of technology and telehealth platforms in 240+ languages and dialects, including American Sign Language.

Across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and globally, Voyce supports millions of conversations each year, giving patients and providers the confidence to communicate effectively. For more information visit and follow Voyce on LinkedIn.


For more information, please contact Thomas Foley of GenieMD at (925) 460-9191 x707

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