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Access real-time medical interpretation in 240+ languages and dialects, 24/7, with Voyce.

Seamless interpretation, designed for patients and providers

Voyce connects through an easy-to-use app, delivering instant, accurate VRI/OPI medical interpretation, 24/7.

A Voyce interpretation session on an iPad between two women.
A Voyce interpretation session on an iPhone.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, saving valuable time.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, for comprehensive coverage.

Industry-Leading Integrations

Link Voyce with your existing systems, like EPIC, for powerful resource-saving features.

Medical Interpreters

Voyce's expert interpreters convey cultural nuance and complex medical terms with sensitivity.

Communicate with confidence

Powerful features enabling effective healthcare communication across the globe.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, ensuring confident communication in every patient interaction.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse population.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly link Voyce with your existing healthcare systems, like EPIC, for a cohesive and resource-saving experience.

Medical Interpreters

Highly-trained interpreters have deep knowledge of cultural nuances and convey complex medical terminology sensitively.

Reach a professional medical interpreter in a matter of seconds
< 30

second average wait time


languages and dialects


staff satisfaction rating

Trusted by healthcare providers like you.

More language access with powerful integrations

Whether you use the standalone Voyce app or take advantage of Epic, Zoom, or our other integrations, Voyce makes it easy to provide high quality care for all of your patients.

Everyone Deserves a Voyce©

From the patient to the care team, Voyce enables easy communication when and where it matters most.


Ensure patients understand and are understood where it matters most.

With a patient satisfaction rate of 100%, Voyce helps ensure that patients can communicate their needs and thoughts without confusion. With Voyce, patients know they're receiving the care they need. Everyone is on the same page.


Provide confident care and improve outcomes with effortless communication.

Communicating with clear understanding helps avoid errors, miscommunication, and improve patient outcomes. Using Voyce, providers can access live medical interpretation in over 240+ languages and dialects at the press of a button.


Powerful reporting tools help you better support your team and patients.

The Voyce Dashboard provides a powerful look into the real-time VRI activity at your organization. Managers have a 360 degree view into their virtual interpreting operations so they're always one step ahead.

A Voyce interpreter making speaking in ASL.

ASL interpretation accessible anywhere, anytime - easily.

Voyce's professional American Sign Language Trilingual (Spanish-English-ASL) and Certified Deaf Interpreters (ASL CDIs) ensure you can always communicate confidently.

Interpreters who go the extra mile.

Qualified medical interpretation

Voyce's rigorous certification program is designed to ensure that our interpreters possess the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and vocabulary necessary to provide accurate and effective interpretation in healthcare settings.

Only the most skilled and dedicated interpreters are awarded the coveted title of Voyce Certified Medical Interpreter.

60+ hours of specialized training

Voyce's dedicated education and training team conduct in-depth training with each interpreter. New interpreters have access to expert instructors and a supportive community of fellow learners, as well as a range of resources and materials to help them succeed.

The comprehensive 60+ hour interpreter training program is designed to equip interpreters with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver industry-leading services. The curriculum is developed by experienced interpreters and language professionals, and is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices.

Continuing education and training courses

Voyce's continuing education and training program keeps our interpreters at the forefront of the industry.

This enables Voyce interpreters to provide the highest quality interpretation services to patients and healthcare providers, and to deliver accurate, effective interpretation in even the most complex medical situations.

Leading with empathy and understanding.

Voyce provides a compassionate ear and a capable voice to patients and healthcare providers around the world. We lead with the conviction that everyone deserves a voice.

Top-rated compliance and integrity.

Voyce is fully compliant with all health privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA and PIPEDA, ensuring the protection of patient privacy and sensitive health information.

Get started with Voyce and enable human communication when and where it matters most.

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