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Voyce's professional qualified medical interpreters lead with empathy and compassion, letting your care team communicate confidently when it matters most.
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Medical interpreters who care

With a deep understanding of cultural nuances and the ability to convey complex medical terminology in a sensitive manner, Voyce's medical interpreters ensure that patients receive the care they need with dignity and respect.

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Education powered by Voyce University

60h+ onboarding

Voyce's education team provides comprehensive 60+ hour training to each interpreter, designed and updated by industry experts.

Ongoing education

Voyce's ongoing education program keeps interpreters current for excellent interpretation even in complex situations.

Care and support

Interpreters have access to a supportive community of peers, expert instructors, and support staff who truly care.

Empathy led

Voyce's medical interpreters lead with empathy and compassion, providing a crucial link between patients and healthcare providers.

Rigorous training and certification

Voyce University hosts an online curriculum for interpreter assessment, training, and continuing education. The Voyce University 60-hour Professional Medical Interpretation Course qualifies Voyce interpreters to take nationally recognized accreditation exams.

All interpreters are required to complete continuing education courses that include biannual HIPAA, PIPEDA, and CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse recertification.

Diligent requirements

Voyce interpreter candidates are required to meet the company’s minimum requirement for consideration: two years of confirmed professional interpretation experience and 60 hours of professional interpretation training.

Voyce interpreters hold an average of over 4 years of interpreting experience prior to joining Voyce’s team, and 90% of Voyce interpreters are native speakers of the target language.

After meeting the minimum standards for consideration, interpreter-candidates must pass spoken language fluency, professional interpretation, and medical terminology assessments before moving onto the required Voyce University course work.

Quality assurance

Voyce is quality-driven and understands that client experience is always the most crucial element to successful interpretation delivery.

Quality Assurance monitoring is ongoing and routine. Customer feedback is encouraged at the end of each interpretation session to provide the quality assurance team with the ability to act immediately, before an issue is allowed to persist.

24/7 customer and technical support makes sure no partner is left unattended at any time.

Become an interpreter

When you join the Voyce family, you're not just signing up for a job — you're becoming part of a community of the world's best medical interpreters.

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Industry-leading certifications

Voyce prioritizes working with professional interpreters who hold nationally recognized interpreting certifications through organizations that include:


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters


National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters


Department of Human Services

US Courts

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts’ court interpreter certification program/examination


National Interpreter Certification (by RID)

NIC Advanced

National Interpreter Certification (by RID)

NIC Master

National Interpreter Certification (by RID)


Certified Deaf Interpreter (by RID)


Certificate of Interpretation (by RID)


Certificate of Transliteration (by RID)

NAD III (Generalist)

Average Performance

NAD IV (Advanced)

Above Average Performance

NAD V (Master)

Superior Performance

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