Industry-leading interpreters, trained for healthcare

Voyce's medical interpreters deliver precise and empathetic healthcare communication.
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Empowering comprehensive care in every language

Certified Medical Interpreters

Access certified interpreters with 60+ hours training, working in private settings

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages, including ASL, with 80+ available over video.

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Physician-Led Education

Physician-led training ensures comprehensive knowledge of complex medical terminology.

Rapid Connection

Connect to an interpreter in an average of 20 seconds or less, maximizing encounter efficiency.

The highest interpreter standards in the industry

Voyce's intensive training is in accordance with the National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care.

6 WEEKS | 60HC

60 Hour Medical Interpreter Course

Six-week program that prepares graduates for national certification through NBCMI and CCHI.


Voyce Interpreter Builder Course

Annual training focused on ethics, interpreting standards, and note-taking, aligned to industry protocols.


Medical Interpreter Training

Trains interpreters on ethics, practice standards, medical terminology, and more.


Voyce Compliance Certificates

Yearly training for compliance, covering HIPAA, fraud prevention, PHIPA, PIPEDA, and more.

Designed for healthcare from the ground up

We are not a generic interpretation provider — Voyce's focus is medical expertise first and foremost.

ASL + Certified Deaf Interpreters

Access qualified ASL, Trilingual (Spanish-English-ASL), and Certified Deaf Interpreters (ASL CDIs) through the Voyce app.

Candidate & Interpreter Screening

Voyce's interpreters are rigorously assessed and must exceed an 85% proficiency in language and medical terminology.

Cost-Efficient Sessions

Voyce interpreters are trained to end calls after idle time when needed, saving you money.

Gender-Specific Selection

Patients can choose between male or female-only interpreters to ensure they're most comfortable during the session.

Professional medical interpreters make the difference

"It makes me proud to know that here at the medical center, we provide professional interpreters who have a complete understanding of the medical terminology being spoken."

Diya Sarsour

Supervisor, Patient Relations, Maimonides Medical Center

"The interpreters are very, very high quality... they understand everything medical. It's literally like having a person sitting there with you. The quality of the service, it's beautiful."

Elizabeth Gallo

Interventional Radiology Nurse, St. John's Episcopal Hospital

Communicate with confidence

Powerful features enabling effective healthcare communication across the globe.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, ensuring confident communication in every patient interaction.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse population.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly link Voyce with your existing healthcare systems, like EPIC, for a cohesive and resource-saving experience.

Medical Interpreters

Highly-trained interpreters have deep knowledge of cultural nuances and convey complex medical terminology sensitively.

Certifications for every setting

Voyce interpreters hold nationally recognized interpreting certifications through organizations that include:


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters


National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters


Department of Human Services


National Interpreter Certification (by RID)

NIC Advanced

National Interpreter Certification (by RID)

NIC Master

National Interpreter Certification (by RID)


Certified Deaf Interpreter (by RID)


Certificate of Interpretation (by RID)


Certificate of Transliteration (by RID)

NAD III (Generalist)

Average Performance

NAD IV (Advanced)

Above Average Performance

NAD V (Master)

Superior Performance

See the difference medical interpreters make

With physician-led education, precise and empathetic medical communication, and more.