Interpretation technology, designed for healthcare

Engineered by leading healthcare technology experts, designed for healthcare providers.
Medical interpreters shown on desktop, iPad, and iPhone

Get interpretation in seconds from any device

Connect to an interpreter quickly and reliably, anytime, anywhere.

Access interpretation from any device

Connect through the Voyce app on a mobile device, directly from a computer web browser, or over a phone call.

Connect in <20 seconds

Instantly begin interpretation sessions in an average of less than 20 seconds, thanks to our sophisticated routing algorithm.

Interpretation that fits your workflow

Customize Voyce for optimal interpreter integration and efficient billing.

Integrate in-house interpreters

Add your existing in-house interpreters to Voyce and prioritize them for sessions, ensuring they're the first-choice for your calls.

Streamline billing processes

Customize Voyce to your billing needs. Segment billing by facility, department, and more, and take charge of your budget.

Comprehensive features in one place

Keep everyone involved with multi-party calls and accurate translations.

Group calling

Add up to nine third-parties to a Voyce call, enabling family members and loved ones to keep in touch with the patient.

Document translation

Translate medical documents, records, and more easily using Voyce's document translation services.

Advanced reporting & management

Voyce's management portal gives you powerful insight, putting you in full control of your language services.

Leverage Voyce's heatmap to easily see your language service usage patterns. Quickly forecast demand, make informed decisions, and optimize your resources.

Interpreter session heatmapping mockup

Track and analyze interpreter service usage across all devices. Optimize device placement and utilization for peak efficiency and service delivery.

A list representing interpretation device usage

Access service history easily with transaction reports, giving managers and administrators a comprehensive view of their language service usage.

A smiling Voyce interpreter surrounded by mocked-up representations of transaction history.

Track interpretation calls in real-time. Instantly view call statuses and details to manage services more effectively.

Session statuses for in service, pending, and complete

Unwavering compliance & integrity

Voyce is compliant with all health privacy legislation and uses robust security protocols to protect patient information.

Our compliance

Voyce meets stringent international and healthcare-specific standards, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring global data protection.




  • GDPR

  • HITRUST (underway)

  • SOC 2

Your compliance

Using Voyce helps healthcare providers meet essential regulations such as ADA, Title VI, and ACA section 1557, supporting accessibility and non-discrimination in healthcare services.

Powerful EHR integrations

Voyce integrates seamlessly into the most popular EHR workflows, saving valuable time by automating session documentation and simplifying access.

Communicate with confidence

Powerful features enabling effective healthcare communication across the globe.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, ensuring confident communication in every patient interaction.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse population.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly link Voyce with your existing healthcare systems, like EPIC, for a cohesive and resource-saving experience.

Medical Interpreters

Highly-trained interpreters have deep knowledge of cultural nuances and convey complex medical terminology sensitively.

Reduce costs and improve outcomes

With high-quality interpretation, integrated technology, reduced administrative burden, competitive rates, and predictive analytics.

Trusted by healthcare providers like you.