System-integrated interpretation

Voyce's EHR and telehealth integrations make accessing medical interpretation easier and more efficient.
Voyce's Epic EHR integration

EHR integrations save ~2 minutes per encounter

Voyce integrates seamlessly with EHR systems like Epic, Cerner, and eCW, saving providers valuable time.

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One-Click Launch

Launch directly from your EHR or telehealth platform for a seamless workflow.

Automatic Documentation

Automate documentation of interpretation sessions, saving ~2 minutes per encounter.

Smart Language Selection

Automatically match an interpreter to the patients’ EHR language preference, saving valuable time.

Simplify Reimbursement

Simplifies billing processes for easier reimbursement, where applicable.

Telehealth integrations help connect patients with care

Voyce's integration into systems like and Teledoc Health enable interpreters to join ongoing telehealth sessions in seconds.

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Teledoc Health

Powerful EHR integrations

Voyce integrates seamlessly into the most popular EHR workflows, saving valuable time by automating session documentation and simplifying access.

Communicate with confidence

Powerful features enabling effective healthcare communication across the globe.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, ensuring confident communication in every patient interaction.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse population.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly link Voyce with your existing healthcare systems, like EPIC, for a cohesive and resource-saving experience.

Medical Interpreters

Highly-trained interpreters have deep knowledge of cultural nuances and convey complex medical terminology sensitively.

Video conferencing integrations

Instantly bring an interpreter into a video conferencing call without leaving the platform's interface.

Ross Mayfield

Head of Product, Zoom

“Voyce can make it easier for users to seamlessly introduce an interpreter into medical care conversations.”

Brandon M. Welch, MS, PhD

Founder and CEO,

“Now allows providers to serve patients who speak one of the 240+ languages or dialects through Voyce ."

Suzanne Howard

VP Clinical Systems, NYU Langone

"Integrating translation services into our Epic EHR allows patients and clinical teams to more quickly and easily share info."

Glenn Gale

CEO, HealthHub Solutions

"By integrating Voyce’s medical interpretation services on our IBTs, we aim to bridge communication gaps."

Ijaz Arif

Chairman and CEO, VeeMed

“This partnership with Voyce extends the usefulness of our telehealth platform to a vastly larger patient base.”

David Cohen

CTO, Greenway Health

"We are proud to give our clients a language solution they can utilize to empower their patients."

Reduce total cost of ownership and improve outcomes

With high-quality interpretation, integrated technology, reduced administrative burden, competitive rates, and predictive analytics.

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