Devices built for healthcare

Voyce carts are engineered to support the demanding pace and varied needs of healthcare environments.

Functional design meets clinical needs

Voyce rolling carts are adjustable, easy to maneuver, and designed with patient safety in mind.

Effortless Assembly

Set up your cart quickly with minimal tools required, designed to integrate easily into fast-paced healthcare environments.

Flexible Screen Swivel + Extendable Arm

Carts feature a versatile toolless swivel mechanism and an extendable arm, enabling easy positioning and access.

Smooth Mobility

Equipped with medical-grade casters, Voyce carts glide effortlessly across all hospital surfaces, ensuring easy transport.

Toolless Adjustable Height

Easily adjust the cart's height to accommodate various clinical activities and user preferences.

Easy to Clean

Designed with hygiene in mind, Voyce carts have smooth surfaces and rounded corners for quick and thorough cleaning, ensuring high sanitation standards for healthcare environments.

Charging Cable Storage

Optional add-on includes a lockable charging cable storage box that minimizes exposed wires to enhance patient safety and keep workspaces organized.

Communicate with confidence

Powerful features enabling effective healthcare communication across the globe.

Instant Connection

Connect with a medical interpreter in an average of < 30 seconds, ensuring confident communication in every patient interaction.

Comprehensive Languages

Access 240+ languages and dialects, including ASL, providing comprehensive coverage for your diverse population.

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly link Voyce with your existing healthcare systems, like EPIC, for a cohesive and resource-saving experience.

Medical Interpreters

Highly-trained interpreters have deep knowledge of cultural nuances and convey complex medical terminology sensitively.

Use Voyce devices or use your own

If you have devices already, you can use them with Voyce. Voyce integrates with your existing technology, making it easier than ever to enhance your workflow without any additional hardware.

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See the difference medical interpretation makes

With rugged, designed-for-healthcare stands, precise and empathetic communication, and more.