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Canadian-inspired app to make health care more accessible by offering interpretation services to patients in seconds and around-the-clock

February 28, 2022

February 28, 2022 (Mississauga, Ontario) – After a successful pilot project, Trillium Health Partners (THP) and Voyce Canada are proud to partner on a new app-based language interpretation service that will enhance the patient experience within THP’s walls and beyond.

In July 2021, THP became the very first hospital in Canada to pilot the app, which connects health care providers and patients with a medically-trained interpreter in seconds. The Voyce app provides access to more than 240 different languages and dialects, including American Sign Language (ASL) and Indigenous languages such as Cree and Ojibwe.

Mississauga is one of Canada’s most diverse cities, with more than 33 percent of the population speaking a non-official language, such as English or French.

“The cornerstone of quality health care is ensuring that no one gets left behind, and equitable solutions are available and accessible for all,” said Shalu Bains, Trillium Health Partners’ Vice President Performance and Business Intelligence. “This innovative approach not only achieves that, but creates a more connected system in the way we deliver and receive care.”

With this app-driven solution, health care providers open the Voyce app on their tablet, request their preferred language of choice, and are connected with a remote, medically-trained interpreter in a matter of seconds. From there, the patient is able to speak directly with the interpreter about their symptoms, concerns, questions, and more. The app also offers the opportunity to conference in family members and caregivers.

“Voyce was inspired by volunteer work with refugees in Canada, where language barriers were prevalent, so this is really a full-circle moment to now see our vision come to life,” said Andrew Royce, CEO of Voyce. “This partnership with THP, will further enable accessible healthcare to patients across Ontario.”

After launching a pilot in THP’s Diagnostic Imaging unit, close to 220 patients used the service in 36 different languages, including ASL. The top languages requested were Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Punjabi, and Cantonese. On average, it took just 32 seconds for a connection with an interpreter of a preferred language.

The Voyce app is now rolling out across THP following a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process with the CAN Health Network, a federally-funded organization that works with Canadian health care providers to identify their biggest challenges and match them with Canadian-made technology solutions.

As a result of the RFP, the Voyce App will now be more accessible to members within CAN Health, including provincial health authorities, public and private hospitals, and long-term care homes.

“With our partners in the CAN Health Network now able to adopt Voyce Canada’s technology, our hope is that other organizations across Canada will now easily be able to access and experience the same benefits,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Trillium Health Partners’ Chief of Staff and CAN Health Network Chair. “Promising technologies like Voyce not only improve patient care, but help to create jobs here at home.”

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Trillium Health Partners (THP) is one of the largest community-based hospital systems in Canada. Comprised of Credit Valley Hospital, the Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre, THP serves the growing and diverse populations of Mississauga, West Toronto, and surrounding communities. THP is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, is an associate member of the Toronto Academic Health Science Network and a proud member of Mississauga’s Ontario Health Team. THP is committed to reducing inequities and improving health in the community. Visit


Voyce is a technology company deeply committed to helping people in need facing language barriers, enabling them to easily and quickly communicate and get help. Voyce’s professional and qualified language interpreters provide interpretation across a variety of technology and telehealth platforms in 240 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language. Across the U.S., Canada, and U.K., Voyce supports thousands of sessions a day providing language assistance to those in need.


The CAN Health Network is a Canada-first approach to technology adoption. It helps break down barriers to scaling in the health-care system and provides an environment for companies to scale to their full potential. Currently operating in Ontario, Western and Atlantic Canada, the CAN Health Network was recently awarded $30 million by the Government of Canada as part of Budget 2022 to expand into Quebec, the Territories and with Indigenous Communities. Learn more about the CAN Health Network at


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CAN Health Network


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