A Compas­sion­­ate Ear. A Capable Voice.

One in five Americans speaks a primary language other than English, while about one in four Canadians speaks a first language other than English or French. Voyce meets the needs of healthcare communication by providing Video Remote interpretation in over 240 languages and dialects to healthcare providers that range from large hospital networks to small clinics and physician offices. Voyce is a flexible app-driven solution that requires no special equipment.

Who We Work With

Voyce technology allows an interpreter to join a call, in often less than 20 seconds, to support conversations between people and health staff. When health is on the line, communication is key.

“With instant and broad language capabilities, and integration with our new digital health record system, Voyce can help to create efficiencies and ultimately enhance the patient care experience.”

David Stankiewicz, Vice President of Information Services, and Chief Information and Privacy Officer

Trillium Health Partners

“This integration with Voyce can make it easier for users to seamlessly introduce an interpreter into medical care conversations where the parties don’t speak the same primary language.”

Ross Mayfield, Product Lead

Zoom Apps & Integrations at Zoom

“We live in a multilingual world, and this partnership with Voyce extends the usefulness of our telehealth platform to a vastly larger patient base.”

Ijaz Arif, Chairman and CEO


“The simplicity of selecting a language, pushing the button to call an interpreter, communicating with a resident and the families who care about them, has in a short time resulted in a positive experience where everyone is able to understand each other.”

Lynn Hughs Jensen, Recreational Activities Consultant

Marquis Companies

“We know more than 100 languages are spoken among patients of essential hospitals, so our members need reliable, accessible interpretation services. Voyce offers an innovative way to meet that need and help reduce disparities in care.”

Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, President and CEO

America’s Essential Hospitals

“Investing in interpretation services is an important step to improving the language accessibility for our clients. Through the Voyce app, a trained interpreter who speaks the language of our client is now just a phone call or click away.”

Jyoti Brar, Senior Director of Client Services and Capacity Building

CANES Community Care

“Language and health literacy are key determinants of health. Removing language barriers is an important step toward increased diversity, equity and inclusion in the healthcare setting.”

Rich Rasmussen, CEO

Montana Hospital Association

“Clear communication is critical in healthcare, and convenient access to medical interpreters can help save lives. When used with our Patient Safety System, Voyce’s technology will improve communication and understanding between patients and medical staff, which can lead to better medical outcomes.”

Steve Johnson, CEO