Case Study

On Demand Interpretation at Cherry Health – Michigan’s Largest FQHC

Background: Reflecting the Diversity of Cherry Health Patients

Cherry Health is on a mission to remove barriers, expand access, and deliver comprehensive quality health care services to underserved communities in Michigan. 

Facilitating over 500,000 healthcare visits annually for 60,000+ patients, Cherry Health knew it needed to ensure the patient experience reflected the diversity of language needs across the state.

Challenge: Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Interpretation

Cherry Health’s previous over-the-phone interpretation service was constrained by language availability, speed, ease of use, and cost. Cherry Health sought a partner to help them close the gap and offer on demand interpretation services for all patients who needed it with a more seamless, efficient, and effective solution.

Solution: Interpretation Accessed with the Touch of a Button

Recognizing the need to address these challenges, Cherry Health turned to Voyce. Developed with a comprehensive understanding of language concordance in healthcare, Voyce was ready to support Cherry Health with:

  • Live, on-demand language interpretation spanning 240+ languages and dialects.
  • Efficient connection with medically trained interpreters, often in under 20 seconds.
  • The flexibility of choice between male or female interpreters, augmented by video capabilities for enhanced interpretation through non-verbal cues.
  • The ability to integrate family members and caregivers into remote interpretation sessions, allowing for virtual visitations.

Implementation: A Phased Approach

Before rolling Voyce out across the organization, Cherry Health launched the service in 10 units, including the emergency department. This trial run was designed to identify and address any adoption barriers. 

Feedback collected during the pilot was overwhelmingly positive from all users involved, and identified no significant barriers. Cherry Health saw material improvements in all areas of focus, including improved connectivity, reduced wait times, and increased ease of use. 

✓ Overwhelmingly positive feedback from all users

✓ Improved connectivity

✓ Reduced wait times 

✓ Increased ease of use 

Unexpected Outcomes

During the implementation phase, Cherry Health observed a number of unexpected benefits while using Voyce’s on-demand interpretation services. These included: 

  • Ease of adding dialects and requesting new languages
  • Streamlined invoicing via encrypted email feature 
  • Integration of additional phone numbers via Virtual Visit tool
  • Cross-device continuity

Expansion: Sharing everyone’s Voyce

Given the overwhelming positive feedback from patients, staff, and physicians, Cherry Health chose to move forward with full implementation of Voyce technology in all 80 units at 21 locations across Michigan. Voyce was able to execute Cherry Health’s expansion in only one week, providing all hardware and necessary training to staff at each location. 

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