Meet Our Team

Medically trained, professional interpreters
are at the core of the Voyce team.

“Voyce enables me to develop my extensive language skills, while using this ability to break down cultural barrier in an empathetic way so we can improve the lives of others.”Carrie Chen
Multilingual Interpreter & Translator for Voyce


Meet the people behind Voyce. Our team of empathetic, kind and altruistic visionaries believes technology’s role is to help humanity remain humane. 

Andrew Royce

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Royce is an experienced executive in the realm of social purpose innovation and technology. As CEO of Voyce, he has championed equity in healthcare by offering access to communication tools that support a better patient experience for those who do not speak English as their primary language. This mission has led to Voyce servicing some of the largest healthcare systems in North America today.

Featured for his leadership, strategy, and innovation by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, Mr. Royce brings experience as an executive of multiple companies operating worldwide.

Mr. Royce believes in the power of human ingenuity and innovation to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. He has scaled-up businesses pushing against the status quo across multiple sectors, including healthcare and fashion. He believes that rapid advances in technology can be used to alleviate barriers to care, reduce costs, and save time for physicians, patients, professionals and consumers in their day-to-day lives.

Wei Li

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Wei Li was the co-founder and chief architect of AmeriDoc telemedicine information systems. AmeriDoc was acquired by the publically traded TeleDoc (NYSE:TDOC) in 2013. Dr. Li headed the systems design and architecture, as well as software development and implementation. Dr. Li has over 15 years of practical experience in the design, development, and implementation of business-critical, scalable information systems and software solutions. AmeriDoc provided telephone, e-consultations, and web-based video consultations to over 2,000,000 members nationwide prior to its acquisition.

Previously Dr. Li was the Senior Vice President of Information Technology at NationsHealth, Inc. At NationsHealth Dr. Li designed and implemented an end-to-end solution that allowed NationsHealth to grow a Medicare Part B medical equipment business from start-up to $80 million in revenue in just two years. The system designed and built by Dr. Li managed sales, document collection and imaging, patient records, customer service, inventory, shipping and billing

Dr. Li received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Miami. Dr. Li earned his Masters in Engineering from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and received his B.E. from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Join Our Team as Interpreters

We are looking for professional language interpreters who go beyond understanding and helping others break down the true meaning behind a message related to healthcare. Voyce selectively recruits and values talented interpreters and gives preference to those with a proven record of success.

What does it take to become a Voyce interpreter?