Everyone Deserves a Voyce

As a mission-driven organization, we believe we must work collaboratively to strengthen our solution to breaking down language barriers. We work to enable easy, quick communication when and where it matters most.

The Voyce Story

Throughout his life, Voyce CEO, Andrew Royce, has been exposed to many languages, with an aunt who speaks Spanish, grandparents who spoke German, Hebrew, and Yiddish, and a grandfather who spoke Italian. Today, Mr. Royce is learning and speaking Farsi as a second language.

While volunteering to help Syrian refugees, Mr. Royce recognized that, as he had learned as a child from his own grandparents, refugees preferred to speak their native tongue, Syrian Arabic, especially around sensitive topics like healthcare. He also noticed that the available options for interpretation fell woefully short of meeting needs of the refugees. In-person interpretation was logistically complex with far too few resources available. Telephone interpretation lacked the depth of engagement and nuance needed in healthcare. Mr. Royce knew that language interpretation goes beyond simple verbal communication, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing. It requires deciphering social complexities and delicate non-verbal cues between a patient and physician.

Due to their mutual interests, Mr. Royce met Wei Li, PhD, a specialist in healthcare technology platforms and peer-to -peer communications technology. As a Chinese immigrant, Dr. Li shared Mr. Royce’s passion for leveraging technology to bring cultures together and build life changing connections. He was a pioneer in the bourgeoning telehealth industry, and in the midst of launching a tool to connect interpreters and users on-demand via video.

Soon Voyce was launched as a tool designed for the healthcare industry. The edict was to provide fast, efficient, and effective interpretation to health care providers and their patients on-demand, when and where they need it most. Voyce now provides a full suite of language services to the healthcare industry, and is recognized as an industry leader in the provision of on-demand remote interpretation solutions to companies across North America, and around the globe.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Voyce donated 100,000 free minutes of remote interpretation services when healthcare facilities were limiting access to patient care areas. Since Voyce already had thousands of professional medical interpreters working from HIPAA compliant remote offices, they were able to continue to provide interpretation services to those in need as social distancing requirements became the norm. When patients were being isolated and unable to visit loved ones, Voyce introduced video conferencing within the Voyce app, so patients could reach their loved ones and feel a little less alone.

As Voyce continues to lead the market with innovative features and integrations with other industry leaders, like Zoom, Teladoc, and EPIC, the team remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality services in the language and healthcare industries. Maintaining cultural sensitivity and a focus on meeting the needs of the end users, patients, families, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, keeps the team dialed in on the spirit of helping others. Because we really believe that Everyone Deserves a Voyce.

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